Past Research

Before I became a part of The Voelz Lab at Temple University, where I  investigated protein folding and membrane transporters, I began my studies in chemistry at Tabriz University in Iran. In my final year as an undergraduate student at Tabriz University, I used thin layer chromatography to extract a few medically relevant compounds from a fungus. Later during my studies for a masters degree from Sharif University in Iran, I worked on modifying existing potential models (e.g. Lennard-Jones, Sutherland, and square-well potential models) to improve their applicability in higher temperature ranges that were near and above the virial temperature. In 2011, I started my doctoral studies at Temple University with The Borguet Group. I used ultrafast lasers to study nonlinear optics and surface chemistry of water on minerals. Additionally, I also got the chance to gain experience with atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy. While I greatly enjoy experimental research, I have found my true calling to be in theoretical research, hence, I joined The Voelz Lab where state-of-the-art computational and analysis methods are routinely applied for understanding biological systems.


In Progress

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